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As the wind blows and dispersed the clouds
With the time we spent lost in space
And our love out of sight
I am in despair as I cannot find my love

Crying tears that flow like a river
As I recall all your empty broken promises
My longing for your love increases
With the passing of every other day

Our hands were together yesterday
But it wasn't meant to be today
I failed to keep your love
And also cannot forget our past

If the sky lost all its stars
And all your promises were just lies
I choose to believe them
And convince myself we can still have our love

The cold harsh snowy winter
Cannot hide my confusion and pain
All I really wish is to find our love back again
And hold it tight in my arms

Love that was never mine
Is a lost love that can never be found
My hopes for our future will just vanish
In the thin air that I breathe

When the sun rises with everyone else
I came upon a fact that I always knew
A life without your love
Is a life that I am condemned with

By Dsigne


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