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I love you so much that I am willing to
give up everything for your happiness.
Sadly, that includes giving up on us.

Unconditional love that is lost
leaves behind a scar that burns forever.

Disappointment is a kind of blessing
as we only feel disappointed
when we have expectations and
expectations only exist because
we have an opportunity to love.

Loving someone who loves you back
is the best feeling in life.
Loving someone who doesn't loves you back
simply tells you that
it is time to forget about this feeling.

Love makes people forget
about the passing of time.
The passing of time makes
people forget about love.

Loneliness is not inborn.
Loneliness only begins when we fall in love.

The best love songs tell the saddest love stories.

You learn to also love yourself
when you fall in love with someone else.

Stop trying to forget him/her
if you can't seem to do so
because you don't have to try
if you truly forget about someone.

A lost love never belonged
to you in the first place.

Love is like a broken vase.
It is better to let it remain broken than
get hurt trying to mend the pieces together.

Whenever we want something,
we have to sacrifice other things.
That is probably why when we want love,
we sacrifice our happiness.

We often find ourselves too late
to fall in love with the right person
but too early to fall in love
with the wrong person.

Do not hope for the perfect partner
because a partner is only as perfect as
he/she can be in your eyes.

It is impossible to prevent myself
from loving him/her because
my heart has already made the decision.

Love is like waiting for the bus,
you never know how long it will take.

Love double the joy in being together
and triple the sadness in being apart.


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