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Short Love Poem for Him / Her
Who Are You?




You are my destiny,
You are my love,
Without you I am incomplete,
Without you my world is incomplete.

I asked god, “They say everyone is made in pairs,
then why am I so alone here?
Who is that whose palm lines match with mine?
Who is that who’ll be mine?”
He didn’t answer to my question
but silently kissed my forehead
and closed my wet eyes.
He then whispered your name into my ears.

Still I could not see you.
I begged to god to let me dwell
in your presence but his answer was,
love is the best form of patience
and one should not challenge time at any cost.
Things happen when it is meant for them to happen.

It was you who were destined to be mine, only mine.
You were the only one who could speak my name.
I had been made for you.
You made a silent promise in my heart to love me forever,
to be my guide whenever I went astray.
You made me feel complete.
I could now feel you walking with me
through dark days with your fingers interlocked with mine.
You made me smile whenever there was a gloom upon my face.
You kissed away all my tears
and grant me a smile in return of each bead of sorrow.

I opened my eyes.
Was it a dream?
Was it my imagination?
Or were you really there?
With you I had forgotten this whole world.
With you the roses appeared redder to me.
With you this world was greener than before.
With you, the dews were colder than ever.
Now it’s difficult for me to wipe those moments from my eyes.
I have never seen you.

How do you look?
You are my angel.
You look like my angel, my heart says...
I am lonely, I am empty.
I look out of the window.
The snow outside
depicts the condition of my heart.
Only the heat of your love can melt it.
I pray you burn me in your passion
and make me pure.

It’s too cold and I am shivering.
I can feel your presence in my room.
You are there by my side.
Your breath gives me warmth.
Yes, its you...
You are my soulmate.
You are the ocean...
I want to be like the rain so that you become
my final destination and we become inseparable.
You are the wind…
I want to be the bird that flies in your direction.
You are the sun…
I want to be the moon that gets its light from you.
Are you some magician who has conjured up my spirit?

O, speak to me…
Who are you?
Come and take me in your arms.
The only place in this world
where my soul can find peace.
Destiny has brought us together, destiny will keep us together.
After all,
You are my destiny.
You are my love.
You are my world.
You are mine……

By Shreya Paul


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