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Whenever I am with you,
the whole world seems to blank out and
nobody and nothing else can spoil our happiness

Your presence adds the
*shine* to the *sun*
*beat* to my *heart*
and the *happiness* in my *life*

Whenever you say "I love you" to me
My reply to you will always be "Forever"

I feel like the most fortunate person in the world
whenever I thought about
how love has brought you to me

I want to be the one who lets you smile
from the bottom of your heart
I want to hug you tight when you feel sad
and tell you everything will be okay
I want to share laugh and share your joy
when something happy happens
I want to stand by your side when the going gets tough
and rough it out together
I want to be the first person you see
when you wake up in the morning
I want to be the last person you say goodnight to
before you sleep at night
I want to us to appear in our dreams
so we do not miss each other while sleeping
I want to be the reason
why you write these mushy lines
I want to say I love you forever
and never change my heart

I knew I am in love when I met you
because my heart felt like
it knew you right from the begining

Saying "I love you" is easy
because what I expressed in words
has already been expressed in my heart
a long long time ago

Loving you is the best decision
I make my life
Loving me back will be the best decision
you make in our lives

I found true love when I fell in love with you

Love is not measured
by the breaths we take,
but by the moments
that take our breath away

Love is when you go through
a whole day of crap only
to be brightened up instantly
by a smile from you

If you find me smiling to myself for no particular reason,
the reason is *you*


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