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Short Love Quotes and Sayings




A short love experience
is another step towards the right love.

Every new day lets me
learn something new about you
which me makes want to
love you more.

Love is a short period of time in our lives
which we will always remember
for the longest time.

Even spending a whole day with him
would not be enough
to satisfy my love for him.

I love her and that is why
I cannot wait to spend
the rest of my life with her.

He is the reason why
I will never truly love
another person again.

Loving you lets me know
what is the feeling of bliss.

Loving you is the only thing
that can make me
stronger and weaker at the same time.

Her bright smile.
Her sparkling eyes.
Her gentle voice.
Her cheerful laughter.
Her warm personality.
Her presence.
Her mere existence which
makes every day a better day.

Love is short while life is long
That is the reason why
I love him more than life.

She is the only one that can
add meaning to my life.

When asked if given a choice to go
anywhere around the world,
where will be my ideal location?
My reply was "Next to him."

Because she was the only person
who can make me smile
when I feel like the whole world
has abandoned me.

He is the only person you think about
when you are on
the short breaks in your daily life.

I found the other half of my heart
when I found her.


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